Enabling intelligent discovery, semantic interoperability, and AI-ready data in smart agriculture and food safety applications!

STELAR’s activities include the following main areas

Facilitate and improve data discovery and reuse

STELAR will empower users to efficiently and timely discover the right data for their needs by significantly enhancing data descriptions.

Support data linking and interoperability

STELAR will facilitate data linking and interoperability by using linked data technologies to semantically enrich data descriptions and interlink entities across sources.

Improve automation and reliability of data annotation and synthetic data generation

STELAR will increase the automation and reliability of data annotation and labeling, contributing to the availability of AI-ready data in data spaces.

Validate, evaluate, and demonstrate the developed tools in real-world use cases

STELAR will evaluate and showcase how its KLMS deals with identified data management gaps and challenges in the agrifood data space through three diverse, real-world use cases.

Maximize impact

STELAR will develop a clear strategy for sustainability, growth & innovation to ensure long-term success of its outcomes

STELAR will conduct three pilots, covering different stages of the food chain, involving and combining different types of data, and addressing different stakeholders and user needs

Risk prevention in food supply lines

integrating worldwide food safety related data sources

Early crop growth predictions

integrating current and historical satellite, hyperspectral, meteorological and synthetic data

Timely precision farming interventions

integrating different types of sensor data from the field

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