STELAR Project


ABACO is among the global leading players in the software solutions business for land resource management and control. The company’s primary focus lies in the arena of precision agriculture and environmental stability.

ABACO has a strong focus on innovation, due to which it has been able to cater to the fast- evolving market and is a trusted partner for both private business and government bodies alike. ABACO’s 30 years of experience has enabled the company to anticipate the needs of an evolving market and become a trusted partner of the most important players in the agro-industry and governments facing the challenges of sustainable development, product traceability and productivity today.

Among the solutions offered, ABACO Farmer is the first Italian platform to be certified as a tax credit access tool for the promotion of investment in technological innovation in agriculture.

Role in the project

ABACO will lead the pilot on “Timely precision farming interventions”, which focuses on improving land management and crop planning through the integration of EO data with farming-based technologies that are selected and contextualized according to local specificities.