STELAR Project

Agroknow IKE (AK)

Agroknow IKE (AK) is a technology company that since 2008 has been empowering people that work on a sustainable future for our planet. It creates confidence in the food supply chain by collecting, combining, translating, and enriching food safety data to extract tailor-made data insights. It has been working for several years in enabling digital innovation in food and agriculture, empowering innovators in industry, academia, and international organizations. FOODAKAI is the main product that Agroknow offers to the market. It is a food safety intelligence platform that serves food, quality, regulatory and supplier compliance teams in large food manufacturers and retailers. Its clients include world-renowned brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Haribo, Conagra Brands, Schreiber Foods, ABP Foods, Barry Callebaut, Yili Group and others.

Role in the project

AK will lead the pilot on “Risk prevention in food supply lines”, involving the integration and annotation of food safety data from hundreds of different web sources worldwide. In addition, AK will coordinate the overall pilot testing and evaluation activities in WP5, and the development of tools for annotating textual data.