STELAR Project


RapidMiner GmbH (RM), since 2022 part of Altair Engineering, is a company widely known for its open and extensible data science platform, also called Altair RapidMiner. The RapidMiner platform brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the enterprise, by unifying the entire data science lifecycle from data preparation to machine learning (ML) and predictive model deployment. The platform provides an integrated environment for data preparation, AI, ML, deep learning, text mining, predictive analytics, time series analysis and forecasting, data stream analysis, model deployment, and model operations.

Its functionalities can be extended with additional plugins, so-called RapidMiner extensions, which are made available via the RapidMiner Marketplace. The RapidMiner Marketplace provides a platform for developers to create data analysis algorithms and applications and publish them to the RapidMiner Community with over 1.2 Mio. registered users world-wide.

RapidMiner is developed on an open core model, with contributing developers worldwide.

RapidMiner, recognized by industry leaders such as Bloor Research, Gartner, KDnuggets, and Forrester, has achieved numerous awards and recognitions, including being positioned as a leader in data science and machine learning platforms by Gartner, voted as one of the most popular data analytics software by KDnuggets readers, and receiving accolades like the Open Source Business Award (OSBA 2008) and European Data Innovator Award (2016), with a user base exceeding 1.2 Mio. registered users globally and major clients including BMW, Intel, Cisco, GE, and Samsung.

Role in the project

RM will lead the work in WP1, focusing on the development of the core platform components, namely the workflow manager and the user dashboards and APIs. RM will also lead the integration of the STELAR KLMS and will contribute to the design of the architecture and the data management tools.