STELAR Project


VISTA GmbH (VISTA) is an innovative value adding company in the field of remote sensing. Over the last 20 years, it has worked on translating state-of-the-art scientific methods into operational services.

Since 2017, BayWa AG, a large agricultural trading group, has held 51% of VISTA’s shares. VISTA’s services and applications cover agriculture, hydrology, and environment, with emphasis on the sustainability of natural resource usage. VISTA combines optical and radar satellite images of different resolutions as well as additional geospatial information in a scientifically sound, automated way to globally provide services on the local scale.

For this, processing chains for the handling of big data have been developed and implemented, including direct interfaces to several satellite data providers. VISTA is Prime for the Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform. VISTA offers the best possible solution for requested information to users and customers which span from individual farmers to multinational corporations and research institutes.

Role in the project

VISTA will lead the pilot onEarly crop growth predictions, which tackles the highly challenging and innovative problem of pushing crop development predictions much earlier in the season. VISTA will also lead the tasks on spatio-temporal data alignment and labelling.